• Ortho treatment or braces treatment are mainly known as corrective cosmetic treatment to align and maintain the teeth in a correct position in order to give an ideal smile and ideal occlusion of the teeth.
  • As now a majority of people are suffering from dental caries and decay so it is possible that they must have gone through treatment to get crowns to protect their teeth.
  • If you have irregular teeth and you want a corrective treatment for this situation (ortho treatment/ braces) then you must consult your dentist to know about the treatment so that the presence of crown does not hinder the ortho treatment.
  • Although every patient is different and their demands are unique therefore causing the ortho treatment a bit challenging, it’s advisable to consult the specialist to get the best solution for the individual treatment so that you get the best smile for your face.
  • Applying braces to the artificial crowns is difficult than placing braces on natural teeth. It is always advisable to consult the specialist for ortho treatment if someone wants to go for braces.

There are few questions for people going for braces;

  • The Movement Of The Tooth Is Limited When Fixed Braces Are Put On The Implant Crowns Or Crowns

As the implants are fused very solidly into the jaw, it’s impossible to move them using orthodontic treatment. People with existing bridge are given slight forces to not to cause damage to the crowns and bridges. If the crown has history of root canal treatment, the force applied to move the tooth is minimum and the restorations/crowns are monitored during the course of the orthodontic treatment.

  • There Are Chances Of Damage To The Artificial Crowns During Orthodontic Treatment.

The damage is purely esthetic in nature and there is no need to do anything about the crowns especially if they are in the back of the mouth. If the damage to the crown is in front position, the dentist may fix the restoration once the ortho treatment is done and braces removed.

  • Other Cosmetic Restorations Have To Wait Till The Orthodontic Treatment Is Finished

If a person wants to replace the crown for esthetic reasons, it is recommended to go for it after the orthodontic treatment is finished and the braces are removed.

In case if the crown is loose you may ask the dentist or the orthodontist to replace the tooth with a temporary crown before the placement of the braces.

The new crown can always be fixed after the finishing of orthodontic treatment.