Oral Surgery Clinical Training

This oral surgery course will cover all surgical procedures required in dental practice with video and live demonstrations and practical training on patients.

  • Infection Control
  • Local Anesthesia – Technique & Pitfalls
  • Radiographic interpretation for exodontias
  • Extraction
    • Technique
      1. Open
      2. Closed
    • Complications
  • Flap
    • Design
    • Rationale
  • Sutures
    • Materials
    • Techniques
    • Hands-on
  • Medically compromised patients
  • Impactions
  • Minor Oral Surgery
    • Biopsy
    • Frenectomy
    • Alveoplasty
    • Oro-antral communication
  • Hands- On
    • Flaps
    • Sutures
    • Extraction Technique
  • Patient – Extraction by open technique
  • Emergencies in dental office

Course Duration: 4 Days, 2 WEEKENDS

The “All-on-4” Concept for Implant Rehabilitation of an Edentulous Jaw

When a patient loses all of their teeth, they are essentially relegated to living the life of a “dental cripple” and are compelled to see  Dr.Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, India to find resolution. The teeth are very essential to any human being and when a tooth or all teeth are lost, chewing efficiency is lost, their level of comfort declines and often they appear to age prematurely. The teeth provide more than a bright smile on someone’s face. A complete set of dentition maintains the bite and keeps all the structures in harmony. When changes occur after teeth are lost, patients begin to seek the dentist.

Edentulism can be a result of poor oral hygiene and dental disease. Sometimes patients who have received previous restorations meet a failure in their cases and their teeth are deemed restorable and hopeless. A growing number of the population possess a terminal dentition and the ability to retreat is restricted due to the poor remaining tooth structure and support, combined with limitations from the financial burden of full mouth reconstruction. How and why a person is edentulous varies. When patients come into the clinic, their oral condition is assessed and the appropriate solution is planned and presented—all encompassing the health and financial capacity of the patient.

It is well recognized that an edentulous condition has a negative impact on your life:

    • You need your teeth to eat because otherwise you will be limited to a soft, unappealing diet.
    • You need your teeth to smile, to flash a confident set of pearly whites to people.
    • You need your teeth to maintain the integrity of your facial structure, otherwise your bite will collapse and along with it, the face will sag and make you look much older.
    • You need your teeth to maintain the health of the jaw. The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) rely on the teeth. When the bite collapses, the changes that occur can be very damaging to the joints.

All-on-4” implants have become a leading choice in many teeth replacement cases.