Crowns are very important and common form of restoration which maintains our teeth appearance and functions.

People still have some questions in their mind when it comes to get a crown. We here are trying to answer most frequently asked questions about crowns.

  • What Is A Crown Actually? How It Makes A Tooth Strong?

A crown is actually an artificial replacement which restores the missing tooth by surrounding the left out/ remaining tooth structure or sometimes as a covering for dental implant.

The crown maintains the aesthetics and functions like a natural tooth. The crowns are cemented permanently on the remaining tooth or implant and only be removed by a dentist.

  • When A Tooth Needs Crowns?

 After root canal treatment. The crowns are highly recommended following a root canal treatment as after the treatment the tooth loses the resiliency to absorb the chewing forces and becomes brittle. The crown will help to regain the structure of the tooth as well as the function protecting the damaged tooth from fracture or splitting the roots.

  1. For closing spaces between the teeth like chipped, worn out, discolored or poorly shaped teeth crowns can be used.
  1. When the tooth decay involves all the surfaces of the tooth and it is not possible to restore the tooth just by filling, crowns are given.
  1. If a tooth is cracked, dental crowns are a treatment of choice.
  1. Few dental conditions where the thickness of enamel is very less or less mineralized, dental crowns can provide protection to the tooth maintaining the esthetics and function of the tooth.
  1. If a tooth has a large filling and is prone to fracture, dental crowns are given to protect the remaining tooth structure.
  1. Crowns are also used as to make a bridge where the two crowns provide support to a third crown in between them, in case of a missing tooth.
  1. An Implant also needs crowns. Implants inserted in the jaw which acts as a root and the crown is given to replicate the natural tooth. It maintains the esthetics and function in the jaw in case of missing teeth.
  • Crowns Are Made Of Which Material?

There are mainly three types of crowns used in dentistry.

  1. ALL METAL – This is the most basic crown which is used in dentistry but now its demand is reduced due to awareness of the tooth colored crowns. It looks black due to metal and gives an unpleasant look to the patient.
  1. PORCELAIN FUSED TO METAL – This is the most common used crowns nowadays. The crown is made of both metal and porcelain. The metal is on inside and porcelain is on the outside. They are generally used for the back teeth as it doesn’t fulfill criteria of esthetics for front teeth.
  1. ALL PORCELAIN – These crowns are made only of porcelain, due to the revolution in dental industry. They are also known as metal free crowns and have excellent biocompatibility with high strength and fantastic esthetics which ensures long term success.
  • How Many Visits Are Required To Get A Crown Fixed?

The time depends on the tooth which needs the crown. If the tooth is decayed or at risk of fracture or caries reaching to the pulp, then the condition should be treated first before opting for crown.

Otherwise crowns generally requires two steps

  1. Crown preparation where the tooth is prepared and impression is taken of the tooth and is sent to the lab where it will be made. For meanwhile a temporary crown is given.
  1. Second session is when the actual crown is cemented and adjusted.
  • Is The Crown Preparation Is A Painful Procedure? How One Should Prepare Himself For The Treatment?

The procedure of crown preparation is painless. After placing the porcelain crowns, few people experience sensitivity to hot and cold. Therefore it is advisable to consult your dentist to get all information about your teeth structure.

  • Does The Crown Blends With The Natural Teeth Or Stand Out?

Crowns are made after taking the shade from the shade guide to give the crown a very natural look to blend with the natural teeth of an individual. They are given to replicate the natural tooth with its functions intact, therefore not just crown look like your natural teeth, it functions like your natural teeth as well.

  • How Are The Crown Fixed To The Teeth?

Crowns are fixed with dental cement and technique of the cementation is very specific for each type of crown on what quality the crown is made of.

  • How We Should Take Care Of The Crown? How Long Does It Last?
  • There is no time limit for a crown to last. They can last a lifetime and sometime they choose to fall out or become loose.
  • The oral hygiene is very important for a long life of the crown. By keeping the gums healthy and visiting the dentist regularly for cleaning and checkups will keep the gum infections at a distance.
  • Patient with bad habits such as grinding the teeth or forcefully clenching will need to their habits in control by using the other dental appliances to save the crown as well as their natural teeth from excessive pressure.


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