Treatment of Gummy Smiles

How awkward are you to imagine yourself to flash your smile with those extra gums being visible when you have been invited to a momentous event? This is usually followed by an embarrassing condition & hesitation to communicate, isn’t it? These are called as gummy smiles. At Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, we offer an exquisite treatment to ensure that people don’t have to go through such self conscious circumstances. This is repaired under supervision of experts after discussing various possible treatment options implants, crowns etc of best quality ensuring that your gummy smile vanishes without any side effects.

How can we help with those gummy smiles?

If you are struggling to get rid of a gummy smile, we are here to guide with the treatment options. Contouring of gums is one of the widely advocated options by making your teeth look longer to cover the excess part of your gums in order to repair the smile. However, before proceeding with the treatment, it’s required to do a detailed study of the dental structure, undergo series of tests and identify the source of the problem. Quite often the irregularity in the structure of your gums is a consequence of genetic disorder. In some cases, the treatment is often a combination of the contouring of gums along with fixing of veneers.

This procedure including a surgery seems to be painful, isn’t it?

Gum surgery is not a cup of tea for everyone. Hence, if you opt for treatment at a reputed place like Dr.Sachdeva’s Dental Institute; we don’t fail to deliver the best treatment with all the required precautions to minimize risk of any pain or discomfort. In addition, we aim to finish this hassle free for the patient who can take advantage at the convenience of all facilities under one roof. We provide every facility from implants to various other treatments made available at one place. This is to assure that when you step in for treatment at our clinic, you don’t have to rush from pillar to post with the burden.

Post treatment safety measures

Previously repairing gums used to be a tiresome process. Nowadays you don’t have to spare days recovering because after the treatment, soon you can get back to most of your daily routine. The doctors will help you follow the precautions that are must for the intial few days. Also, our doctors are most likely to advice routine follow-ups in order to keep a check on your progress. This is done to provide the additional instructions to follow during your healing time to increase the pace of recovery.


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